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At AngelList, we fundamentally believe in startups.

We’re building the definitive platform for startups — where they raise money (http://angel.co/), build teams (http://alist.co/ & http://angel.co/talent), and launch their products (http://producthunt.com/).

AngelList is an amazing place to work! Amazing product with very real scale and a very real mission -- plus the most talented team I've ever worked with!
The work culture for engineers is phenomenal. No fixed hours. Remote work OK (seriously, I spent 4 weeks in Berlin and London last summer). Basically, all of the barriers to productivity have been stripped away.
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Kenny Leung
Product Manager / Software Engineer Unique perspective to software development: 2+ years as Product Manager, 5+ years as Software Engineer
Laura Horak
community wrangler // beta tester // idea sparker | STEMinist, #quantself nerd, civic hacker
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